Thursday, July 20, 2006

BBC Bias

I watched the BBC news coverage of Bush's veto on the TV last night and the report gave the very definite impression that he had not banned federal funding of stem cell research but actual stem cell research itself. It's a common tactic in the debate but it was so blatant that I was surprised. The BBC's bias seems to be becoming more and more evident as time goes on.

You have to go online to the BBC's website to discover the actual facts of the story. Such a shame that they couldn't have been quite so straightforward with the huge TV audience they get. The TV report not only fudged the details of the story but they also failed to mention at all some other pertient details-

Two other less controversial bills received unanimous backing from the Senate, and were signed into law by President Bush.

One encourages stem cell research using cells from sources other than embryos, and the other bill bans the growing and aborting of foetuses for research.

Of course, they fail to mention that stem cell research can freely be carried out by scientists in the US, just not with federal dollars.

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