Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bad Car

Britain's nanny government really doesn't like SUVs- even though the government itself s quite happy to be driven around in gas guzzling fleets of Jaguars and the like. It's a case of do as I say, not do as I do. The latest attack on the SUV comes in a "tax" on parking permits - the bright idea is to charge people with high emission cars such as SUVs (or amazingly enough Jaguars) £750 a year (as opposed to the current £200) to park outside their own homes.

The council hopes other authorities will be encouraged to follow its lead.

All because of the dreaded ogre of climate change- something must be done to line the council's pockets help the earth.

If the plans are approved by the council's cabinet on November 6, the cost of parking the most polluting vehicles would rise from £100 to £300.

And those with more than one car would have to pay 50% more for extra permits - thus a household owning two high-emissions cars could pay £300 for the first, and £450 for the second, or £750 in total.

I'm sure that this will have a drastic effect on the unproven human-caused global cooling warming climate change. And fill the council's coffers at the same time.

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