Thursday, October 26, 2006

Military Commissions Act

I wrote a little while ago about a gun-control wish list. It makes for pretty scary reading- a complete handgun ban, a ban on ammunition that is "high powered" or "wounding" (hunters pay attention). In other words, a complete negation of the Second Amendment- I wonder how groups openly campaigning to usurp, say, the First Amendment would fair? In the comments an anonymous contributor agreed that it was a bad list but went on to say that with the Military Commissions Act the President could label anyone an enemy combatant, including anyone who criticised the government.

Well, that's not quite true- and today I see that Kim du Toit has done his homework and read all of the law, trying to apply it to himself, an American citizen.

Habeas corpus can be suspended only for furriners—ie. terrorists apprehended either overseas or in the United States. In other words, not only can we try by military tribunal terrorists captured overseas, but also terrorists captured in these here United States.

Worth reading it all to cut through the Lefty gnashing of teeth about Bush and his evil plans to take over the world.

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