Monday, October 23, 2006

Watch This

No, really, go and watch it now- especially if you're an American and/or a gun-owner. Then make sure that everyone you know watches it too.

Click here and see how in a time of crisis the police decided that the Constitution didn't matter a damn- and how they treated a frail looking lady who just happened to have a legally owned weapon to defend herself from lawlessness with. Note too how the gun is in her hand the whole time that these people are in her home - camera crew in tow- and see how the cops react when they eventually notice it.

The term jackbooted thugs springs to mind.

Hat tip to Smallest Minority.

And here's the big lesson to be learned- it doesn't matter if you are a shooter, a hunter or just a person who wants to be able to exercise their rights and defend their home/family; you all need to stick together to fight for those rights every day.

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