Monday, October 30, 2006

N.I. Werewolf Movie

The BBC website reports on a film-in-progress that's to be made here in Northern Ireland, Mourne.

Set in the fictional village of Mourne a group of American paranormal investigators arrive to look into the claims of a panicked farmer that a werewolf has attacked his sheep.

They soon discover that a dark legend lives and split into groups to track the fearsome beastie.

What's odd about the BBC article is that they seem to believe that a horror film made here is a first. Haven't they heard of Zombie Genocide or the more recent Wilderness? The former is a real low budget affair but I like it- made in the days before digital cameras and desktop editing, it was filmed in sequence on tape. The latter is a bigger budget survival-horror film about a group of young offenders on a remote island being stalked by a killer complete with some grisly death scenes. Sean Pertwee makes an appearance and although it falters a little towards the end I found it a very enjoyable watch.

I'm hopeful that Mourne does get made- and not only because there's a dearth of werewolf movies; it would be pretty cool to have a movie-making industry here.

Mourne's homepage is here.

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Cybez said...

Another Northern Irish film out on the 3rd Nov is entitled 'MIDDLETOWN'which I'm looking forward to seeing.I've copied & pasted info about it @

I am getting so lazy :-)