Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dirty Tricks

So a Republican politician has been outed. It's a pretty sleazy move at election time and it seems to be utterly at odds with Democrat's supposed tolerance and support for homosexuality. Obviously if they think being gay is a good thing they wouldn't be doing it to harm someone's chances of winning an election. What gets me is that the outing has been done with no verifiable evidence- it's nothing more than an allegation made that the Republican in question will find hard to disprove if it's false.

Captain Ed has an excellent summation-

Once again, the Left shows its obsession with sexuality, but it's really more than that. The Left obsesses over identity politics in all forms, and that obsession comes out in pathological terms. Rogers reveals this in his blog post, demanding that gay staffers on the Hill identify their orientation publicly, or else he will do it for them. Sexual identity is everything to him, and the concept of sexual privacy has no value to him at all. He wants to humiliate gays who prefer to keep their sexual activity private, forcing them to wear the virtual pink triangle against their will to experience obloquy and castigation.

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