Saturday, October 07, 2006

A Hint of Things To Come?

It looks like the infidel Jack Straw doesn't know his place- a spokeswoman for the MPACUK says that he "shouldn't be allowed" to comment on women wearing the full-face veil. Veil-rage is brewing in the UK as a result but all Straw is guilty of is asking Muslim women wearing the veil to consider removing it when they come to speak to him. He believes that it's best to actually see the face of the person he's speaking with.

Of course, that is an entirely unreasonable position for him to take in the eyes of the Muslim spokespeople the BBC discussed the matter with.

Interesting that this takes place so soon after another Muslim, Abu Izzadeen, shouted out-

"How dare you come to a Muslim area when you have arrested so many Muslims in this area."

"I am furious I am absolutely furious - John Reid should not come to a Muslim area, we do not want to see him."

So in the view of at least some British Muslims elected representatives should not be allowed to comment on "Muslim issues" or go into "Muslim areas". It seems that the divisions between Muslims and non-Muslims in the UK are widening as each day passes. Who knows what the future will hold?

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