Tuesday, October 31, 2006


It suddenly occurred to me today that it might be quite handy to be able to write in Firefox - I tend to have it open most of the time, usually with multiple tabs and it just seemed easier to be able to jot things down there rather than have to open and close Word as the notion took me.

Text editor extension for Firefox- sounds simple but apparently there isn't such a thing. Not that I can find anyway. Perhaps I'm the only one who has a need for it? Anyway, I did a bit of poking around and eventually came across FoxNotes. You can set it to open in a tab and then write away to your heart's content- and there's even a nice little "save" button at the bottom. What's also neat is that the single FoxNotes tab has six sub-tabs all of its own to work with. That might come in handy.

The big disadvantage is that you can't use it to open any existing text files. And Firefox 2.0's spell checker doesn't seem to function with it. I was rather hoping it would.

If you happen to know of a text editor extension for Firefox please do let me know.

UPDATE - Quicknote is the way to go.

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