Saturday, October 07, 2006

Lone Liberal Supports Free Speech

I never thought I'd find this headline on Kos- In Defense of Michelle Malkin. Wow. Credit to the poster, ptristam, for pointing out that while he is opposed to the politics Malkin stands for, the issue of free speech should trump such partisan politics. Shame that some of the commentators there can't get beyond it. In fact, there seems to be no support whatsoever- here's a little example of some of the posts:

I don't care if YouTube shows or doesn't show this video, but it sounds pretty dumb to me. Juxtaposing images of preposterous protests over the Dutch cartoons with suicide bombings is false equivalency at best; an outright attempt to conflate at worst.

YouTube is privately-owned so they can censor whatever the hell they feel like.

But we are not in the business of legislating ethics. We leave that bullshit to the right.

Your diary reeks of bullsh*t

the problem with the diary in these lines seems to lie in the fact that the oppression by Christian theology here in America isn't touched upon.

These cartoons weren't published 35 years ago--they were published less than a year ago and are a direct affront to those practicing Islamics.

This is a woman whose every written word bespeaks intolerance. It is naive to consider her an advocate of the tolerance that free speech implies, simply because her political message happens on one occasion to be swimming with the stream of tolerance, instead of against it.

Many ideas and ideals liberalism should defend but intolerance (and the intolerant), I think the line needs to be drawn somewhere.

And that seems to sum up the Kos-brigade in a nutshell- "We like free speech, but only if you're saying the same thing as us."

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