Thursday, October 05, 2006

Optional Law Enforcement

I've blogged before about the decline of once "Great" Britain. This story is certainly a stark illustration of that sad degeneration.

A Muslim police officer was excused from guarding London's Israeli Embassy after he objected to the duty on 'moral grounds'.

PC Alexander Omar Basha - a member of the Metropolitan Police's Diplomatic Protection Group - refused to be posted there because he objected to Israeli bombings in Lebanon and the resulting civilian casualties of fellow Muslims.

In a move which has caused widespread astonishment at Scotland Yard, senior officers in the DPG agreed that that PC Basha should be given an alternative posting.

Since when do the police get to pick and choose who in this country they decide to protect from lawlessness? Will this officer protect any Jewish or Israeli people he sees in our capital from crime? Can you believe that a member of the BNP in the police would be allowed to be exempt from protecting African embassies? Are Christian officers exempt from protecting Muslim embassies?

What's happened to Britain?

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