Monday, October 30, 2006

N.I. Terror

Amazing- Tony Blair et al assure the people of Northern Ireland that there's no more terrorist threat here, and he proceeds to dismantle security posts, border watch-towers, he sends troops home and even goes so far as to disband the Home Service battalion of the Royal Irish Regiment. And all because the still armed IRA are engaged in peace talks.

Shame he didn't bother to consider any other nationalist groups out there.

Irish police believe they have disrupted a bomb plot aimed at hurting the Northern Ireland political process.

A large amount of explosives were found in Kilbranish, Mount Leinster, County Carlow on Friday night and made safe by Irish Defence Forces on Saturday.

It is believed the Real IRA were testing bombs in the area, RTE said.

Earlier this week it was reported that dissident republicans were preparing to launch a major gun or bomb attack in a bid to derail political talks.

Additional resources have been deployed to a number of areas across Northern Ireland by the Police Service of Northern Ireland to counter the threat.

A number of individuals have also been warned that they could be under threat.

But hey, this is all out of the blue, isn't it? I mean, why would Blair pander to the demands of Sinn Fein/IRA to destroy Northern Ireland's anti-terror capacity if he knew about other threats?

Successive reports by the Independent Monitoring Commission have said that both the Real and Continuity IRA are recruiting members, trying to acquire weapons and identifying possible targets, including police officers and loyalist paramilitaries.

Earlier this year, the police intercepted a 250lb bomb in Lurgan, and also foiled a plot to import a large quantity of weapons, which included machine guns and ground to air missiles.

So, what is it Tony? Is appeasing the IRA more important than the safety of the citizens of this country?


Billy Budd said...

Not good at all! Wake Up Tony!

Firehand said...

I have the sad feeling that Blair is one of those people who will decide, in some cases, that doing ANYTHING is a 'good' thing. Even if the result is bad, even if it's a bad idea to start with, "At least I DID something!"

Had a friend who idolized Jimmy Carter for that reason, that he 'signed a lot of international agreements'. Didn't matter to her that the other side lied, and/or broke the agreement before the ink was dry, the fact that he made agreements was more important than the outcome.