Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Be Happy?

A list of ten reasons to be happy about the election. Here are a couple of my favourites-

1) Democrats now must take responsibility for every mistake and downturn in our society

They have skated for the past four years on everything they've done, blaming Bush. That excuse won't float now- the only place all those Representatives and Senators have to place blame to save themselves is on the White House. Obama's White House.

Hillary, are you listening?

Republicans need to start taking notes now for the next election. Start building a portfolio of every misstep and mistake and bad decision Democrats in Congress and the Obama White House makes.

7) We will no longer be forced to defend indefensible RINOs, including John McCain.

If there's one thing the GOP takes away from 2008, it should be this- put forth a real conservative candidate next time.

Fred probably isn't interested in running again then but might I be the first to suggest Palin-Bolton. The latter has the foreign policy experience for the ticket and we all know he isn't afraid of speaking his mind. He'd demolish the opposition in the VP debate.

Any other suggestions?


K. Davies said...

1) Democrats now must take responsibility for every mistake and downturn in our society

Are you insane? Like they haven't inherited a burned out, bankrupt shell of a country from the Republicans' 8-year stint?
Things are going to get worse before they get better, and that is NOT the Democrats fault. Your blog is a joke.

Jay.Mac said...

On the contrary, without Democrat policy we wouldn't have had the credit crisis. America would have been able to drill its own oil and energy prices would be down, to name but two instances.

The point is that Democrats have had the luxury of being in opposition and they have been able to blame Bush and Republicans for everything from their own votes on Iraq to the weather. And when it comes to Katrina, btw, it was a Democrat Governor who weaselled out of taking responsibility for her own inaction. Bush had to step up to the plate to call for an evacuation.

From January on, they will no longer have the luxury of being able to blame Bush or Republicans in Congress- they will have to take responsibility for their own policies.

We will see how that works out. For America's sake, I hope they and the Obama White House don't make a mess of it all.