Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Jonah Goldberg on Obama-

On Sunday night, President-elect Barack Obama told CBS' "60 Minutes" that Franklin D. Roosevelt would be a model of sorts for him. "What you see in FDR that I hope my team can emulate is not always getting it right, but projecting a sense of confidence, and a willingness to try things. And experiment in order to get people working again."

This is a problematic standard. What do you want in a surgeon? One who "gets it right" or who projects "a sense of confidence?" Ditto accountants, defense lawyers, mechanics and bomb-disposal technicians: Cocky and self-assured, or gets it right?


"Okay, but come the Zombocalypse, if you get some kind of zombie foot funk, don't say I didn't warn you."

It made me laugh. And, darn it, now I'm going to have to update my zombie survival kit with a pair of those.

And finally-

A U.S. government assessment has concluded that alleged al-Qaeda operative Aafia Siddiqui is not mentally competent to stand trial, a judge wrote in a court order issued yesterday.

She was, however, mentally competent enough to graduate from MIT- and to try and kill a US soldier in a gun battle .

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tjbbpgob said...

I wish I knew why they were still capturing some of these bitches and sons of as late as 2005.