Thursday, November 06, 2008

Cracks In The Facade

It's happened already. Obama campaigned on re-focusing the battle against jihad terrorism (though goodness knows he never used that term) from Iraq to what he claimed was "the central front" on the war on terror- Afghanistan.

Well already the moonbat brigades, in this case the Code Pinkos, are demanding an end to the war against the Taliban, Al Qaeda and assorted jihadis in Afghanistan.

What do we want from an Obama Administration and a Democratic-controlled Congress? We want an end to the occupation of Iraq and reparations for its people. We don't want the troops from Iraq shipped straight to another losing war in Afghanistan. We want a negotiated settlement in Afghanistan.

We've seen time and again how easy it is for Obama to lie about holding one position or another. Was he telling the truth to the people of America about his resolve to defeat Al Qaeda in Afghanistan? Or was he simply telling middle America what they wanted to hear?

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