Thursday, November 27, 2008

Round Up

Some news from the UK.

Science standards in schools have slipped ‘catastrophically’, the Royal Society of Chemistry declared yesterday. The eminent scientific body said it had ‘hard evidence’ that exams had been dumbed down since the 1960s.

Check out the two sample questions for proof.

British police raid a woman's house for cannabis plants- she was actually growing tomato plants on the windowsill.

Bureaucrats strike again-

A charity raft race which has never suffered a serious accident in its 27-year history has been sunk by the health and safety demands of police and council risk assessors.

A disgrace-

A lesbian soldier last night celebrated winning almost £200,000 compensation after being subjected to a lewd campaign of sexual harassment by a male sergeant.

Patrick Mercer, a Tory MP and former Army officer said: 'Servicemen and women who have been hideously injured defending this country receive a paltry amount in comparison. That can't be right.'

And finally, a sign of the times-

Teenage thieves, vandals, muggers and burglars will escape any punishment if they agree to say sorry 'on the spot' under a proposed scheme.

Justice Minister David Hanson said: 'Court is often an inappropriate option for young people who have never committed any previous offence.

'This will steer young people away from trouble at the earliest possible stage, particularly if their first offence is very minor.

'By introducing this option for the police, bad behaviour can be nipped in the bud at the same time as the victim's feelings are addressed.

Sure, making them say sorry and then letting them off with it is proven to be more of a deterrent than actually punishing them for breaking the law. And nothing makes the victim of a mugging or burglary feel better than knowing that their assailant is free as a bird and escaping any kind of consequences for their actions.

Makes you wonder what kind of world some of these politicians live in, doesn't it?

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