Friday, November 14, 2008

Obama's Big Fat Lie

So, here it is, over a week after the election. Bill Ayers admits that he and Barack Obama aren't just people who live in the same neighbourhood.

“We had served together on the board of a foundation, knew one another as neighbors and family friends, held an initial fund-raiser at my house, where I’d made a small donation to his earliest political campaign,” he writes.

Got that? Ayers tells us that he and Barack Obama are family friends. Now, let's see what Obama's "fight the smears" website had to say on the topic of Ayers-

Smear groups and now a desperate McCain campaign are trying to connect Barack to William Ayers using age-old guilt by association techniques. Here’s the truth: the smear associating Barack to Ayers is “phony,” “tenuous,” – even “exaggerated at best if not outright false.”

According to the Associated Press, they are not close: “No evidence shows they were “pals” or even close when they worked on community boards years ago …”

This is what Obama's own website said about Ayers. In fact, they even had a handy little section to copy and paste a message for supporters to send to their friends on the issue. It said,

Smears like this often spread as part of a broader, shadowy strategy to scare people who aren't very familiar with Barack by spreading false information...

Ayers and Barack barely know each other. They served together on the boards of local charities, but do not know each other well.

The truth is that they were lying to the people of America about this issue. Someone was spreading false information but it was Obama himself. He was blatantly and repeatedly lying about his friendship with an anti-American terrorist in order to win the election at any cost.

And here's the dirt-digging, fact-checking media quoted on the same page-

Ayers was one of many who sponsored coffees for Obama in 1995 when he declared for the Illinois Senate. The official campaign launch occurred at the Hyde Park Ramada. Their relationship barely goes beyond serving together on an education foundation board in Chicago.

If McCain continues to insist that Obama launched his political career from Ayers’ Hyde Park living room, he is misleading the public by overplaying the size and significance of Ayers’ early support.

Her reference to Obama’s relationship with William Ayers, a member of the Vietnam-era Weather Underground, was exaggerated at best if not outright false. No evidence shows they were “pals” or even close when they worked on community boards years ago and Ayers hosted a political event for Obama early in his career.

CNN Fact check wrote about Palin’s claim that Obama is palling around with terrorists, “Verdict: False. There is no indication that Ayers and Obama are now “palling around,” or that they have had an ongoing relationship in the past three years.

And here's what the vaunted "Fact Check" website had to say-

In a Web ad and in repeated attacks from the stump, McCain describes the two as associates, and Palin claims they "pal around" together. But so far as is known, their relationship was never very close...We find McCain's accusation that Obama "lied" to be groundless...Despite the newly released records, there's still no evidence of a deep or strong "friendship" with Ayers, a former radical anti-war protester whose actions in the 1960s and '70s Obama has called "detestable" and "despicable."

I expect them all to print a full retraction of these claims, now proven to be false, and also to issue a public apology to Sarah Palin for lambasting her when she spoke out about Obama's relationship with Ayers. Oh, and an apology to the American voter for doing absolutely no research into any of these claims when this was a legitimate issue in the election.


And what of Barack Obama- will he apologise for outright lying through his teeth to America? Remember, this is what he said about Ayers when challenged on their links-

This is a guy who lives in my neighborhood, who's a professor of English in Chicago who I know and who I have not received some official endorsement from. He's not somebody who I exchange ideas from on a regular basis.

And remember this too- Obama tried to use their muscle to threaten TV stations which aired an ad about him and Ayers.

Now, having learned from Ayers' own lips that he and Obama were friends it makes what followed the release of that ad even more outrageous.

Obama not only aired a response ad to the spot linking him to William Ayers, but he sought to block stations the commercial by warning station managers and asking the Justice Department to intervene. The campaign also planned to compel advertisers to pressure stations that continue to air the anti-Obama commercial.

Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor said Obama supporters have inundated stations that are airing the ad, many of them owned by Sinclair Communications, with 93,000 e-mails. He called the ad false, despicable and outrageous.

"Other stations that follow Sinclair's lead should expect a similar response from people who don't want the political discourse cheapened with these false, negative attacks," Vietor said.

And, as is now shown to be the case- and as bloggers such as myself have been trying to make clear- the relationship between Ayers and Obama was much deeper that the now-President-Elect wanted you to know.

In a letter to station managers, Obama campaign lawyer Robert Bauer wrote: "Your station is committed to operating in the public interest, an objective that cannot be satisfied by accepting for compensation material of such malicious falsity."

Bauer also wrote to Deputy Assistant Attorney General John C. Keeney, noting that the ad is a "knowing and willful attempt to evade the strictures of federal election law."

The truth didn't stop Obama and his goons from trying to squelch the First Amendment rights of groups opposed to him. Instead they blatantly accused them of lying about a truthful ad- and then attempted to use threats of legal action and even the full force of the Justice Department to silence them.

Obama not only lied about Ayers- he tried to silence those who refused to go to sleep like the MSM and actually question his lie.

And this is the man- the family friend of a man who declared war on America, who bombed America, who attempted the mass murder of US servicemen and their dates at a dance at Fort Dix, who discussed not only the genocide of 25 million Americans but actually overthrowing the government, installing his own dictatorship and then carving the USA up into portions for communist regimes like the Soviet Union and China to rule over- who is now about to enter the White House. A man with established links to radicals and racists, who threatens to silence his critics even when they are telling the truth.

It's obscene.

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robert verdi said...

Obama and his supporters are the priests of power, they knew he was lying, that makes their victory that much sweeter to them, they know they were able to hoodwink whole swaths of Americans. Thats okay though, the road to recover starts now.