Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This Is Not The Change We Were Looking For

Michael Malone, the journalist who famously wrote a column in which he admitted his embarrassment at calling himself that because of the incredible media bias this election cycle, has written another column about the experience. Worth reading. Out of it all though, this line most caught my attention.

But after that, I realized that I risked becoming Joe the Journalist, and not wanting my life vivisected by vengeful bureaucrats and fellow reporters, I stopped all interviews.

This is a professional journalist admitting, in what actually seems to be a bit of a passing mention, that he was afraid- scared of government officials who oppose him ideologically trying to dig up some dirt on him. Or of his fellow journalists doing the same.

Is this what America has become- that members of the press feel pressured not to do TV interviews out of fear?

In America do citizens and journalists now have to weigh exercising their First Amendment rights against their lives being being put under the microscope in public?

Behold the change Obama has wrought.

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