Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Vampire Hunter's Gun

A little late for Halloween but worthy nonetheless. Now, when I think of a vampire hunter's gun, I immediately picture the Reeder Vampyre Slayer custom 1911. There is a new kid on the block though, courtesy of Guns and Ammo.

The Vampire Exterminator Gun is a highly decorated Colt Detective Special-

As its name implies, its motif is in keeping with the legends of Dracula, himself. Engraved in 1975 by Colt master engraver Leonard Francolini, who claimed the gun was undertaken on the order of one Dr. Abraham van Helsing, the gun is entirely silver-plated. Decorations include elaborate scroll engraving that includes such designs as bats, dragons and tangled foliage of the type one might find on the weathered battlements of some Transylvanian fortress. The muzzle through which the bullet must pass is emblazoned with a cross, further strengthening its effect against the unholy undead. Even the traditional rampant colt is depicted as standing on a coffin. The smooth ebony grips are capped off by a silver band and lanyard ring and have two small bats inset into the lower left panel—presumably trophies of some successful anti-Nosferatu foray.

It's quite a piece. Vampires beware!

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