Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Fight Starts Now

Some advice from The Corner.

Imposition of some form of the Fairness Doctrine likely will be one of the Democrats' agenda items for the first 100 days of the new administration. It's important that conservatives begin working now to stop it.

And the important point here is not to wait until it's too late.

Waiting until Inauguration Day to get geared up is too late. By that time the Fairness Doctrine Express will be at full steam— wavering Democrats will be pressed to support the new Democratic president, weak-kneed Republicans will want to display comity, the mainstream media will not be saddened to see talk radio annihilated and much of the public will be too enraptured by Obama's Camelot inauguration to notice or care.
The model for conservative activism (no oxymoron) on this is the immigration debate of 2007. Conservatives must contact senators now before the congressional holiday recesses. Email, call, write. If you're in D.C, go to the House and Senate offices. You likely won't get to talk to a senator or congressman but you can corral members of their staffs. If you're not in D.C., go to the district offices. Make sure GOP senators hold fast. Let Dem senators know that this is a major issue.

One of the points I made about this election is that the media is no longer afraid to show its bias, they have happily thrown the principles of journalism aside for the benefit of their candidate. Winning elections is more important to them than presenting the people with the truth of the matter. They got away with it once- so I fully expect them to be more aggressive next time. If Republicans ever hope to win a national election again then they must vigorously defend talk radio from this terrible assault on free speech. Liberals are free to implement their own talk radio - Air America anyone?- and Americans should be free to listen to the shows they want to. The government, particularly a government opposed to your political philosophy, has no business in regulating talk radio.

The time to fight is now. Spread the word- and then contact your Senator.

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