Thursday, November 06, 2008


Have you noticed how the press is now routinely referring to the President-Elect as "Barack H. Obama"?

The same people who would have you branded an intolerant racist just a few days ago for mentioning Obama's real given middle-name and who have never, before Nov. 4th, indicated in any way that Obama even had an "H." in his name

People really are strange.


jansch said...

It's probably because his marketing team now insist on it - as if to prove he (or they?) were never embarrassed of his middle name.

They have also went into overdrive making him appear more 'presidential'.. all the best known presidents had a middle initial! John F Kennedy! Lyndon B Johnson.. George W Bush.. it's like how he suddenly has patches of grey appearing in his hair - the instant "elder statesman" look. He's got quite the team behind him.

Jay.Mac said...

I'll give his campaign this- they sure know how to package their candidate and control their image.