Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Guessing Game

Guessing who has won various states before the actual votes have been counted or, in some cases, before voting has even finished is a screwy way of doing things.

At the moment the NRO map is showing Wyoming for Obama. CBC on the other hand, is calling it for McCain- 64.5% to 32.6%.

Someone is obviously wrong.

And everyone is calling Pennsylvania for Obama with only 12% of precincts reporting.

Minnesota is being called for Obama with 2% of precincts reporting- and when you click on the state it shows Obama has 26.2% of the votes with 72% going to McCain.

I realise that the news media has to have something to do on election night- but can't they just wait until they have, you know, actual news to report rather than guesstimate the results? Wouldn't their time this evening be better served actually covering whatever regular news is happening rather than reporting exit polls and trying to influence the outcome of the election play this silly guessing game.

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