Friday, February 13, 2009

Chicago Goes National

Doug Ross has an interesting post up on a Democrat caller to a Chicago radio show.

I was in a meeting after Obama got elected and I was told by the Democratic officials in that meeting that we were gonna give billions of dollars that was gonna come down the pike, our way, and what we were to do with it was we were supposed to do with it...

We are gonna build an army of Democratic patronage jobs.... gonna completely freeze up the Republicans forever and ever...

It's a job-capturing system, the same one they have in Chicago... everyone's asking 'why isn't that money being released until 2011 and 2012?'

Because it needs to be released at a time that's close to the election, so that they don't go blow the money and spend it. So they're gonna hold some back and that's where... the real bucks will be spent, right up close to the election.

...It's not a stimulus package, it's not pork! It's a job patronage system... there's gonna be more [people] working for the Democrats in a patronage system than the United States Army...

I suppose in a certain sense you could say that the Obama administration is bringing some change to the country- but I don't think an awful lot of his supporters saw that change being debt for their children and grandchildren to fund an effort to bring Chicago style politics to the national stage.

You'd think that with so much at stake for the country- and by extension the world- one or two reporters might ask Obama why he's ditching his campaign pledge to spend less than $200 billion on an actual stimulus for the $1 trillion and over porkfest currently on the table-

"Why, Mr. President, are you so keen to spend so much money on non-stimulus projects when you say that this is such an important issue? Couldn't the rest of the spending make its way through Congress the normal way when the crisis is past?"

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