Monday, February 16, 2009

Kids With Guns

Another update on how that total handgun ban here in the UK is working out.

Two teenagers were shot repeatedly by a gang of boys who demanded their iPods and phones.

The victims, brothers aged 18 and 19, were left writhing in agony outside a McDonald's in Neasden, North-West London.

One was hit in the stomach, leg, groin and arm and the other was wounded in the chest and stomach.

The brothers, believed to be eastern European, had been challenged by the gang, some of whom were on bicycles, who asked them what they were doing there and then told them to hand over their valuables.

And get this-

Police today said two boys had been arrested in early morning raids, one of them 14, the other 15. Officers said they were looking for five boys in connection with the attack.

So here we have kids riding around on bicycles carrying handguns. Wow, that ban sure has had a dramatic effect, hasn't it?

Jorge Alehandrou, 20, who lives round the corner, said the shooting could be linked to a gang on the nearby Chalk Hill Estate.

One shopkeeper said: 'You have to be careful who you deal with or you could get lead in your ear. This area used to be lovely, but it's gone really downmarket. Carrying guns is a way of life for some of these people.'

There you have it- the UK had low gun ownership before the ban took effect, it's an island so the borders are secure compared to, say, the USA- and yet a complete ban on handguns has not decreased gun crime at all. In fact, since it was put into place gun crime has risen. It's now at the point where kids riding bikes are not only carrying guns but willing to use them in public places.

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