Friday, February 06, 2009

Vermont's F Grade

David Codrea's must-read Gun Rights Examiner demonstrates (as of there was any doubt) that the Brady Campaign- and other gun banners of their ilk- and not concerned one bit about reducing crime. They are only interested in taking away guns, regardless of their use. He Fisks a story damning Vermonts gun laws.

Maybe Vermont is the crime capital of New England? You know, one of those places more like Chicago than Cheyenne, that need heavy-handed gun control edicts?

Let's see...12 murders in 2007 for the whole state (and they don't say how many were committed using guns)...nope, that sounds like a typical weekend for one of Sarah Brady's urban islands of tranquility...

And yet despite the low murder rate the Brady Bunch are still complaining that Vermont has no AWB- amongst other of their "common sense" gun control laws. It would be interesting to see a graphical comparison of the Brady's A rated and F rated regions- and their corresponding murder rates, don't you think?

What amazes me is how often we keep coming back and exposing these Brady shills for what they are, and that they still retain a shred of credibility with anyone.

As always with these GRE pieces, spread the word.

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