Friday, February 20, 2009

Mexican Civil War

The day will come- sooner rather than later if things continue as they are- when American voters are going to start asking their representatives why they have valued illegal immigration over the security of the nation.

A shootout in a border city that leaves five alleged drug traffickers sprawled dead on the street and seven police wounded. A police chief and his bodyguards gunned down outside his house in another border city. Four bridges into the United States shut down by protesters who want the military out of their towns and who officials say are backed by narcotraffickers.

That was Mexico on Tuesday.

What is most remarkable is that it was not much different from Monday or Sunday or any day in the past few years.

Mexico, a country with a nearly 2,000-mile border with the United States, is undergoing a horrifying wave of violence that some are likening to a civil war. Drug traffickers battle fiercely with each other and Mexican authorities. The homicide rate reached a record level in 2008 and indications are that the carnage could be exceeded this year.

If Washington had any sense they would have acted to secure the border right after 9-11. If Mexico does fall into anarchy then it will be too late to act.

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