Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Quote of the Day Revisited

Another zinger from Hot Air-

Unfortunately, though, Obama looks less like a leader and more like a man reacting to events. He should have foreseen the consequences of the legislation before pushing it. Now, instead of looking like the leader of the free world, Obama looks like a man flailing in the water, looking for lifelines, without a clue as to how to govern or an understanding of trade or foreign relations. He projects weakness, uncertainty, and inexperience at a time when America can ill afford any of those three, let alone the hat trick.

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Rob Taylor said...

Hey look, Steele doesn't make policy but he can organize wining elections and has shown that he will support candidate he disagrees with. He's a Pro-life Roman Catholic but is running an opne tent platform for the GOP which I've been waiting for for years. The RNC was run like some sort of asinine social club and we're sliding into socialism now because of that.

I'm pro-choice for the first 8 weeks of pregnancy, I'm also for the expansion of our military. But I'm much further to the right than most people. The GOP should welcome me but there are a group of SocialCons who are acting as if I'm a communist for not agreeing with them on one issue, Libertarians and Paulnuts claim I'm a fascist and with all this infighting amongst the right the Democrats will be in power for years and will pass much more draconian laws than Steele would support. While we fight amongst ourselves the Democrats will completely change our country.

The Brady campaign is spinning Steeles win to raise money AND to create a wedge that will make you stay home. Katan Dawson is a piss poor leader, I'm in SC I know the GOP here is a mess. Steel has done things that no other Republican has done, like get an NAACP endorsement, and has proven to be a good leader that can raise money, and can articulate Republican values without driving off many people (something we haven't been doing) we need to reverse the spiral the GOP is in or none of us will have a gun, or a right to speak out about that fact.

We need to increase voter roles and in places like NY we need to ease disenfranchised voters inot the party. I think Steel can do that. There is a huge Black "conservative" movement exploding on the net but most aren't willing to become Republicans, Steel can change that. Asians, Irish and other conservative leaning minorities are moving toward the Dems and we need to show them we aren't a two issue party to get them back. The Democrats will push through amnesty and have millions of new voters, we need dynamic and persuasive leadership to fight the tens of millions of votes Dems are about to buy.

And that's what his job is, not to set policy, but to help us win. None of our policies means squat if Dems keep control of the country.