Friday, February 06, 2009

Obama's Double Talk

On the one hand we have Obama lecturing the country about "energy independence", a buzz phrase he's used many times- just Google it. For example, the BBC reported on January 26th-

President Barack Obama has called for the US to become energy independent, saying its reliance on foreign oil and global warming posed threats.

Outlining his energy priorities, he said the country would not be held "hostage to dwindling resources, hostile regimes, and a warming planet".

He called for greater fuel efficiency and an "energy economy" aimed at creating millions of jobs.

Fairly clear, don't you think- he wants to create American jobs and also decrease reliance on foreign oil.

However, while he tells the country this sort of thing, he's actually issued an executive order which will increase US reliance on foreign oil and lose the jobs of Americans.

In a high-profile reversal of the Bush administration, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Wednesday the government is scrapping the leases of 77 parcels of federal land for oil and gas drilling in Utah's redrock country.

Gateway Pundit
has more on Democrats continued efforts to stifle American energy independence.

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