Friday, February 13, 2009

Gregg Comes To His Senses

The best transition ever takes another hit.

According to a breaking news alert from MSNBC, Judd Gregg has withdrawn from his nomination as Commerce Secretary. If so, this makes the third Cabinet appointment from Barack Obama to fail, and the second one at Commerce. Tom Daschle withdrew at HHS over his tax evasion, and Bill Richardson preceded Gregg as Commerce Secretary-designate before withdrawing over a pay-for-play corruption scandal in New Mexico.

I guess some people are surprised that a politician who has spent his "career" advancing himself from one job to another is being made to look like an incompetent amateur now that he actually has to work for a living.

The stick that broke the camel's back, so to speak, seems to have been the White House's naked ploy to use the Census for political gain.

So on yet another front- all that hope'n'change- Obama scores a massive FAIL.


libhom said...

Another prominent Republican is playing dirty and petty politics while the economy is in crisis. This looks terrible to the average person in the country. Most Americans expect action, not obstruction. I wouldn't want to be Gregg campaigning among unemployed people in NH.

Jay.Mac said...

And you don't think that looting the American economy to the tune of one trillion dollars in the middle of the crisis is playing petty politics?

Rep Minnick- a Democrat- reverse engineered the "stimulus bill" to take out all the pork and keep only the actual stimulus part- the bit that Obama keeps telling the US is essential. It comes to $170 billion- roughly the same as the amount Obama himself campaigned on.

If it was action- and bipartisan support- Obama really wanted he could have proposed limited, effective spending like that- not a bill which will leave your children and grandchildren in massive debt.

For example, why should Federal control over what treatments and drugs your doctor can give you be in a bill designed to stimulate the economy?

If anyone is playing petty games here, it's the Democrat leadership.