Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stimulating Science

Gateway Pundit publishes a graphic from the Washington Times showing when the stimulus money will be spent. Note the spending really begins to take hold as the current recession ends and then drops off after the mid-term elections.

He also highlights the astonishing details carried within the bill- such as the $1.6 billion for unidentified "science"? Do make sure to check out the video over there of Rep. Price being interviewed on Hannity- handwritten notes in the bill to change details.

For an outsider such as myself looking in, it's hard to believe that this pork-addled bill which will plunge a nation into debt for generations is being hustled through Congress. This is more like the sort of thing I'd expect to see happen in some Third Word corruptocracy.

One can only hope that the Democrats crippling America with this greed-frenzy will be booted out of power at least until all that debt is paid off.

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