Thursday, March 31, 2005

.45 Colt Sabot.

A great outdoors gun would have to be a revolver-double or single-action, take your pick- chambered in .454 Casull. A Bowen Alpine Redhawk in this calibre is one of my 'dream guns'. The .454 Casull is a great hard-hitting cartridge and a revolver in this calibre can also handle the much respected .45 Long Colt. Those two cartridges could handle an awful lot of situations and take a good variety of game- the .454 Casull has taken game up to and including rhino and elephant.

For the taking of small game however, the .454 and .45 Colt are a bit big and I was thinking that it would make a great deal of sense to have a small calibre saboted round available. Perhaps in .22- with a very light load as obviously the .45 Colt case has plenty of room to push a tiny round like the .22 out at high velocity. This would enable one to take small game and birds that a big .45 bullet couldn't, thus increasing the usefulness of one gun in a survival/outdoor situation.

I did a quick search for just such a thing but I can't find anything around. I can vaguely recall hearing that a flechette round was once issued to the Air Force for their 1911s so that it could be used to take fish and the like. Is there anything like this- flechette or sabot- available today?

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