Friday, March 25, 2005

Jurassic Park Here We Come

Okay, so it might not lead to the creation of a real life Jurassic Park, but this is pretty exciting news anyway- scientists have found soft tissue dating from 70 million years ago preserved in the thigh bone of a T. Rex. What struck me most about this article is that the soft tissue was found by accident when the bone was broken- according to Horner there might be similarly preserved soft tissue in other dinosaur bones already in museums- but they prefer not to break the bones to look. Seems odd that there aren't some non-destructive techniques to check for this sort of thing. Could be that scientists are sitting on a wealth of information about dinosaurs and actual dinosaur DNA but they just haven't taken the time to look for it.

Mmm, maybe that Jurassic Park idea isn't looking so far fetched after all?

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