Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Students killed for having picnic

One site that I visit every day is Charles Johnson's Little Green Footballs- it's pretty much essential reading for me. Today's standout story is the attack on a group of students having a picnic in Basra by a man dressed in the garb of a Muslim cleric leading a group of Sadr's Mehdi Army. At least two were left dead by the attack. The attack was carried out because the Mehdis claimed that they had a duty to prevent the students from "dancing, sexy dress and corruption". They are evil bastards and it's a damn shame that they weren't all killed when they were fighting the American forces- yet more evidence, if we needed it, that appeasement does not work.

I wonder what the Moonbats would have to say about this? How many of them are students who like to hang out with the opposite sex and *gasp* listen to music? The Times adds this detail to the story- when the students at the university tried to organise protest demonstrations (ring any bells, Moonbats?) the Mehdi Army threatened to mortar bomb the campus. Perhaps some of the Moonbats would like to adjust their view of the world and appreciate the fact that they have the freedom to protest without having their universities bombed? Somehow I can't see it happening- I also can't envision any demonstrations being organised to support the Basra students.

LGF makes for pretty scary reading a lot of the time and there are some days when it just seems too depressing- kids are being killed because they wanted to have a f**king picnic? Bookmark it now. Go and read every day.

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