Thursday, March 24, 2005

Flight of Fancy

It's been one of those days- right from my first sleep deprived moment awake, it's been one of those days. When it gets like that I like to go to my 'special place' to try and relax. For me, it's Edgar Rice Burroughs' realm of Pellucidar, a wonderfully imagined inner world of a hollow Earth. It's a wild, primitive place filled with the creatures of prehistory- giant cave bears, sabertooth tigers, dinosaurs and primitive man all mingle together in the ultimate wilderness. The first Burroughs' sdtory to take place in Pellucidar was At the Earth's Core, which is available to read here.
Today's image is painted by the legendary Jeff Jones, whose fantasy work is simpy startling. He's not so well known as Frank Frazetta but he's every bit his equal. Jones' galleries can be found here. Me, I'm off to lose myself in this painting of Pellucidar. See you later.
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