Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Bulldog Enfield

I've written a fair bit lately about the 7.62mm Russian version of the Enfield rifle, the Ogre Scout. One of the models that caught my eye is the SIA Tanker model- a very fine looking rifle indeed, and certainly much more shootable than the .303 Jungle Carbine.

Well, I had a look around and came across this example of the Tanker or Bulldog Enfield. It's not a calibre conversion, merely a chopped rifle, but it's a rather nice example of what can be done with the Enfield. An item like this chambered for 7.62mm Russian would be very nice indeed. No doubt more will follow on the topic as I do more Googling.

1 comment:

Kevin said...

Kinda neat, but I just handload the 125 grain .311" bullets in .303 cases, get an extra couple of hundred feet per second out of them, and they shoot just fine. With light recoil, too.