Saturday, March 26, 2005

New Additions

Two new sites to add to my links list- two blogs by the same guy, though he has more than that! First up is Greenie Watch, an excellent site counteracting bad-science Green propaganda. Very useful when it comes to arguing about global warming...sorry...climate change. The second is perhaps of more interest to those who usually visit here- Gun Watch, a pro-gun blog. His PC Watch is also worth checking out but the ridiculousness of political correctness makes for painful, exasperating reading sometimes. A punchbag might be a handy accessory for reading that site.

Gun Watch brought up some interesting information- states that issue concealed carry permits have had their instances of multiple shootings (more than two victims) drop by 60% between 1977 and 1999! He also points out that guns were used defensively more than 2 millions times each year- compared to the 450,000 times that guns were used to commit crimes. Finally, states which have an "A" rating from the Brady Campaign have crimes rates 12.5% higher than shall issue states.

It's a shame the hoplophobes can't see past their irrational fears.

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