Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Kettlebell routine

Though I'm still very much a beginner when it comes to kettlebell training, I have devised a routine which seems to be working okay. The basic guidebook to KB training is The Russian Kettlebell Challenge- and while it's pretty much essential to learning the techniques involved it's fairly vague when it comes to actually putting the routines together. There is lots of advice on training but if you're anything like me when you start a new training regime you want some sample programs to help break you in.

When I began training I simply went through the entire list of main exercises, doing one or two sets of each. It was hard, but fun, work but as I progressed and my reps went up, it simply became too draining. So I've now come up with a new routine. Here's how it breaks down-

Warm-up with 2 handed swing x 3 sets for 20 reps

1.clean and jerk
3.military press
All the above for 20 reps each hand, x 3 sets

End with box squats for 20 reps x 5 sets

My intention is to carry out this routine as a 'hard training' day and to alternate it with 'easy' days (yeah, right)- on the easy days sets are down and I will swap out the three main exercises with under the leg passes, floor presses and cleans. The aim is to train like so- hard, easy, hard, rest, hard, easy, rest. That gives five days training a week with two days off. My strength and endurance are still not what they should be, but this routine should hopefully rectify that somewhat.

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