Thursday, March 10, 2005

500 Smith and Wesson Magnum

The Smith and Wesson .500 Magnum might be the new big guy on the block, but I'm not overly taken by the Model 500 revolvers. The 10 and a half inch barrelled model seems over large for a handgun and the four inch model is more suited to a back-up gun, rather than a hunting handgun. And the eight inch model- well, it just doesn't seem right. When I think of a hunting handgun, a single action Ruger (with maybe a seven inch barrel) comes to mind. Perhaps that's just my Ruger bias showing but I'd always rate a Smith and Wesson second to a Ruger.

That's not to say that I'm not intrigued by the cartridge- I am. And what I'd like to shoot it in is this- the Wild West Guns Model 04. The sixteen inch barrel version is surely packable enough and it would seem preferable to me to hunt with a light and handy carbine than with a massive 10 and a half inch revolver. Maybe that's just me. I'm certainly not opposed to handgun hunting- I'd love to go after some hogs with a revolver- but when it comes to the .500 Magnum, I'd like to be packing the four inch Model 500 on my hip- and the Model 04 in my hands.

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Anonymous said...

I can understand you to a degree, the SW in anything longer than about 6 in looks gaudy. I have the 4 in 500 and am very happy with it. I also own a Vaquero 45lc with the white grips. Very pretty handgun if you get into guns like myself. The SW 500 is massive to say the least, has one powerful boom when it goes off and I would rather have it on my hip than about any other. Rugers are fine guns, but give the SW its due.