Thursday, March 10, 2005

A bit of sad news

I just noticed this bit of news when I was on HK's site- they are no longer producing the G3 rifle, the HK33, the HK53 compact carbine or the HK23E and HK13E machine guns.

Of them all the G3 is perhaps the biggest loss. It's pretty telling that their current catalogue of military weapons is almost exclusively 5.56mm- 7.62mm only appears in their sniper rifles, the PSG1 and the MSG90A1, and in the HK21E. Odd considering that US Special Forces have just selected the FN SCAR in 7.62mm and there's widespread dissatisfaction with the 5.56mm . The SAS also uses the G3 family of weapons and at a time when you'd think that Special Forces from various nations would be seeing an increase in deployments, one of the world's biggest military arms manufacturers ceases production on weapons favoured by such units.

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