Sunday, March 27, 2005


Gary Reeder has a new custom gun out- the Nighthawk. Based on the Ruger Redhawk, it's a four inch barrelled carry gun- though for concealed carry you'd either need to be a pretty big guy or be wearing bulky clothing. The gun is completely de-horned to prevent snagging and is tuned for accuracy and a smooth double action. With rosewood gunfighter grips this would make a very nice packing gun out in the wilds. Available with a gold bead or ramp sight, it's also a damn fine looking weapon as you can see here and here. Personally I prefer the blued model. That is one exceptional looking weapon.

The Nighthawk is available in 357, 41, 44 or 45. The 357 can be re-chambered for the wildcat 356 GNR (a 41 Magnum case necked down to take a 357 bullet) and the 41 can be adapted for 41 GNR or 410 GNR. A guide to the Reeder wildcats can be found here.

The 410 GNR is basically a 454 necked down to take a 41 calibre bullet at high velocities- a 255 LBT bullet at 1900 fps, which is enough power to take a Cape Buffalo with one shot. Pair that up with the Nighthawk and you have a great compact carry gun with awesome power.

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