Wednesday, March 23, 2005

More Russian Enfields

MadOgre's scout rifle of choice- a bolt action 7.62mm Russian- has apparently been accepted by the Horde, with many- myself included- suggesting the Enfield rifle converted to fire the commie round. My own preference for this type of weapon in the previously posted on AIA M10-A2, an entirely brand new weapon rather than a conversion. Ogre's own suggestion was the Special Interest Arms Enfield K- a conversion of existing Enfields to the shorter 'jungle' configuration. This seems to be a very good choice and SIA offer a number of options including synthetic stocks and match grade barrels.

Of the SIA range the "Tanker" model- so named because of the impression that the cut down weapons were issued to tank crews (they never were)- caught my eye. It's an Enfield converted to 7.62 Russian with a barrel cut to 16" or 18" and with original sights and modified stock. It's a very handy looking item indeed and my interest in the Russian Enfield concept has been piqued even more by this example.


Kevin said...

On second thought, I have a No. 5 Mk I with WAY excessive headspace that I might be willing to do this conversion on.


Jay.Mac said...

Sounds good. If you do decide to go through with it, I'd love to see a review!