Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Moonbats a global phenomenon

It seems that the moonbats, those prime examples of cognitive dissonance, just won't go away. Preferring to stick their heads in the sand rather than face the reality of two totalitarian regimes being toppled and millions of people liberated, they continue to protest the war in Iraq- that would be the war which one could say ended some time ago when free elections took place for the first time in a generation. No, the moonbats would prefer to believe that there is such a thing as an "Iraqi resistance"- a terrorist movement made up of fighters from many different countries who have committed atrocity after atrocity against Allied troops, foreign citizens working in Iraq and, let's not forget, the Iraqi people themselves. Somehow the Moonbats would like to believe that these are freedom fighters- since Iraq has already held free elections and elected its own government, I'm not quite clear what freedoms they believe these terrorist thugs are fighting for. True to their nature, they are blithely ignoring current events and continuing to protest Bush's war- the fact that Bush has succeeded in Afghanistan and the "quagmire" of Iraq and has spread the seeds of freedom to the Middle East is, apparently, not taken into consideration.

The latest display of a rather serious case of Moonbattery can found right here in the UK in the "ten good reasons to vote Liberal Democrat". It's a bizarre list- of the problems facing the UK right now opposing Bush and Blair on the war in Iraq would seem to be curiously redundant. Perhaps they are opposed to liberating oppressed peoples and would prefer it if homicidal dictators were still in power?

The rest of the Lib Dems list doesn't make for any better reading. Strangely, while they confront the absolutely essential election issue of student tuition fees, they make no mention of immigration or the War on Terrorism (perhaps their stance on Iraq is their position in the WoT?)

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