Friday, March 18, 2005

AIA M10 "Russian" Enfield

I wrote a while back about the Australian International Arms M10-A1 rifle- a 'jungle' Enfield chambered for 7.62 Russian. This compact bolt action will not only fire the commie round, it'll take AK magazines. I thought of it instantly when MadOgre wrote about a scout rifle for the Horde. While the CZ he suggested is a great rifle, I think I'd have to go for the M10- mainly for the standard 10-round magazine capacity and the added bonus of taking 20 and 30-round AK magazines. The only adjustment this weapon would need for the scout rifle role I think, would be to mount the scope forward of the receiver.

The Gun Mart review (UK magazine) of this rifle pointed out that this is not a surplus adaption- it's a brand new gun, with the magazine well designed specifically for the AK magazines, and capable of fast magazine changes. The extractor has also been modified from the original screw type to a plunger type. Accuracy using quality ammo was only 2-3" at 100 yards but recoil was pleasant compared to the .303 Jungle carbine- when the semi-auto rifle ban was put in place in the UK jungle carbines became popular items for practical shooting contests. The reviewer states that the M10 shoots better than other straight pull rifles in the 7.62 Russian calibre.

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