Saturday, August 12, 2006

BBC's Omission

Another story about those ubiquitous "militants"- this time the Islamic terrorists murdered a woman and her two children as they slept. The members of the Hindu faqmily lived in a predominantly Muslim village in Kashmir.

"the head of the family, Ram Singh, feared that he would be targeted by militants because he was a minority Hindu and therefore always slept at the guard post in the village. The militants, however, targeted his family."

I did a quick search for the story to try and find more details. Instead I came across this version from the BBC-

Police in Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir say a woman and her two children have been killed by militants.

They say the victims were the only Hindu family in the village of Arra.

And that's essentially it- from this take on the story we don't find out that they were murdered in cold blood as they slept or even the identity of the militants. Is there a reason why perhaps another sentence worth of information should have been left out of the story? Instead they report that there has been no "independent confirmation" of the story. I guess the word of the Police Inspector General isn't good enough for them.

More and more I'm beginning to wonder just why I should be obliged to pay for such an appalling serviee through the TV licence.

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