Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Future?

There's been some comment in the blogosphere about the actions of the airline passengers who refused to fly until two suspicious looking men were removed- both of the "Asian" men (another report identifies them as Middle Eastern-looking) were wearing jackets and jumpers in hot weather and seemed nervous. Jihad Watch, Little Green Footballs and Infidel Bloggers Alliance all discuss the implications; the British public are losing trust in the government's plans for their protection. Thus, the authorities will need to start listening to these concerns. I'm not so sure; the British government has an excellent track record of not listening to what voter's want. Unfortunately for us, both major political parties are virtually indistinguishable from one another now.

In the discussion at IBA, there were predictions that violence against the Muslim population of Britain could grow as people grew more frustrated with the Islamist terrorist threat, and the lack of any positive action by the government to combat it; obviously this is not a good thing. I left my own prediction based on a subject that has been bothering me more and more in recent months; the association of leftists/liberals with Islamists. Here it is-

It seems to me that this will be another instance of the rupturing of Western society- while more and more people are becoming aware of the threat, a huge segment seems to think that their loyalties lie with groups like Hezbollah; and within hours of the news of the airline plot breaking Leftists were claiming that it was a British/Blair plot.

I still can't comprehend why Londoners would come out to protest the Israeli actions in Lebanon- and fly Hezbollah flags. Protesting war is one thing, but to actively show their support for a bunch of murderous terrorists is another. It completely mystifies me why so-called peace protesters and champions of individual/human rights throw their weight behind brutal terrorists who oppose exactly the things that they claim to love.

The whole Red-Blue divide is global. If you want another prediction, here's mine; the Islamist threat will grow and grow in Europe and America, and they will receive support from Western, non-Muslims who seem to hate the very culture that oprovides them with the freedoms they claim to cherish. Neo-Nazis have already offered their support to Al Qaeda, other leftists will follow. We could be looking at a return to the sort of terrorism we faced back in the '70s.

I hope I'm wrong.

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FrauBudgie said...

Depressing -- and correct analysis -- I think.