Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Not Enough

I've commented before on cases where convicted sex offenders have re-offended; usually after receiving incredibly lenient sentences.

Today's story involves the police search of the home of an offender already in prison for possible human remains. The body, if it exists, is being linked to events that transpired 30 years ago- policed received the tip off in an anonymous letter.

What caught my eye about the story was not that though, it was this-

The paedophile, Leslie Ford-Thrussell, 72, is currently serving a 12-year jail term for 36 offences including seven counts of rape.

Among the offences was one count of gross indecency with a child.

Ford-Thrussell who was convicted in 2004, also admitted to taking and making obscene images.

All that and he's only been given a 12 year sentence? I Googled his name and turned up some other details of his crimes-

Leslie Ford-Thrussell, began a 12-year jail term last week for committing 44 sex crimes on children aged between six and 13.

The pervert, 70, raped and indecently assaulted his victims over a 17-year period and videotaped many of the abuses.

Written in 2004 the story comments that he will be at least 78 when he's released- meaning that he's eligible for release after serving 8 years of that 12 year sentence.

From the same newspaper but a different story comes this-

Leslie Ford-Thrussell, 70, attacked nine children aged 13 and under and filmed himself performing lewd acts in front of them.

Ford-Thrussell, of Walton Green, New Addington, was convicted of 37 child sex crimes at Croydon Crown Court on Friday, including seven counts of rape and 23 counts of indecent assault committed between 1986 and 2003.

His string of disgusting crimes were committed over a 17 year period and focused on children- and he might serve only eight years inside?

If this country's laws made any sense at all he would never see the outside of prison again. How many more times will we have to hear of children being attacked by convicted sex offenders before the message gets through- they have forfeited their right to exist in our society.

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