Monday, August 28, 2006


I'm not a happy camper this morning. A week ago I put in a bid on an item on Ebay- and while the price has risen a little I remained top bidder. Then, right before the auction was due to end, seconds before the bell, someone sniped me. So close to the end that they snatched the item away as I watched. One moment I was winner, the next the page was refreshed, the auction was over, and I was outbid. B*****d. What makes it even more infuriating is that the same seller had multiple auctions on for exactly the same item, some of them with no bids- that same item starting at $0.01.

And yet some creep swoops in at the last moment and steals it away from me. What's up with that? Couldn't he just wait his turn and get an item ending a few days from now, maybe for a lot less? I don't get it- if I'm looking on Ebay and find an item I want I'll generally avoid those with bids in already- obviously someone wants it and the price is sure to rise. I'm happy to let those pass when there's an abundance of a certain items available. No point in fighting over one auction when there are many more with no apparent interest in them, is there?

That low-down son of a gun.

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