Sunday, August 20, 2006

CAIR's Self-Defence Against Badgering

Isn't justice wonderful? Good to see that CAIR officials are treated exactly the same as the rest of us- I mean, if someone was badgering you, no one would mind if you assaulted them?

The Columbus city prosecutor refuses to press charges against CAIR and Dr. Al-Akhras for assaulting me, twice. I was told that there wasn't enough evidence. What! The entire assault is on video (posted here). I was told since there were no injuries "it didn't rise to the level of an assault;" he didn't "punch you or anything." What about having a camera shoved in my face? What about grabbing and pulling my hand right along with the camera? Then I was told that they felt I was "badgering him with my questions." So perceived badgering is justification to push someone around? Anytime we don't like questions being asked of us, we now have permission from the prosecutor's office to attack someone.

The decision is being appealed. Note too that on the actual video of the incident, the CAIR official in question refuses to comment on Hezbollah's violence. He's all too ready to condemn Israel but has nothing at all to say about Hezbollah firing rockets at Israeli civilians.

I wonder if the utter cluelessness of the guy right at the start of the video is common among Hezbollah's Western supporters? Is that the reason they support the group, that they actually have no understanding whatsoever of the group and its activities?

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