Saturday, August 12, 2006


I came across this one which searching bittorrent-

Blair Government Concocts Terror Threat - Scares British People Into Silence

No need to worry about Islamic terrorists, folks, it's all a plot by Tony Blair to well, I don't know what really. He's not got much longer in power so why should he bother trying to do this? So that the next PM, be he Labour or Conservative can create a thousand year Reich? Perhaps it's some ploy by the Illuminati to take over the world!

"the terror threat was entirely fabricated by members of the American British and Israeli intelligence services and other unnamed government back room boys."

Ah, that explains it then. It's all a Jewish plot to take over the world. Pity poor Catholic Blair then; by the time the cunning and devious plan by someone to take away the freedoms of the British people by completely fabricating terrorist plots (involving their cohorts in the police and intelligence services, not to mention the government and civil service- they must all be in on it after all to prevent someone from talking) he'll be a regular citizen just like the rest of us. He'll have to fear our new alien Jewish overlords just as much as the rest of us.

Shouldn't this story be on The Onion?

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