Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hezbollah's Rockets

It seems as if the IDF action against Hezbollah in southern Lebanon is starting to take effect- the number of rockets fired at Haifa has been halved. It seems too that their stock of Zelzal

rockets has been reduced by two-thirds. It's not all good news though-Three weeks ago, Hizbullah had 13,000 short-term rockets. After firing 1,500 rockets Israel, and additional 1,500 destroyed by the IDF, the organization still has 10,000 rockets that can reach the frontline. The rockets have a diameter of 107 and 122 millimeters.

So there are 10,000 rockets in terrorist hands in Lebanon still. Good work by the UN (in the region since 1948) and the Lebanese army.
Is it any wonder that Israel has been forced to resort to taking military action to defend themselves? No one was doing it for them. Can any other country in the world honestly say that if terrorists were firing rockets at their cities and towns with impunity from just beyond their borders they too would do nothing about it?

It is believed that Hizbullah members received an order to fire between 100 and 120 'normal' rockets a day. On Monday for example, 157 such rockets were fired, a fifth of them fired north of the Litani River, a fact which testifies to the difficulties of the rocket launchers targeting Israel.

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