Monday, August 14, 2006


So much for Scotland the brave! Due to fears of knife crime the Scots are cracking down not on the criminals that use them but the objects themselves-

Justice Minister Cathy Jamieson announced laws to ban swords unless sold for legitimate reasons.

Shops selling swords will need a licence, as will businesses dealing with non-domestic knives and other bladed weapons such as machetes.

So expect to see knife crime to continue with blade purchased just south of the border or with kitchen knives. And what exactly is a "legitimate use"? Well here's what the government says-

Exemptions to the ban on sword sales include swords that are to be used for Highland dancing, museum displays, historical re-enactments, fencing and martial arts.

So if you're a legitimate collector of bladed weapons you're completely out of luck. And as non-domestic knives are also included under this legislation if you want to buy a survival knife for that camping trip, or a Leatherman to have handy, you'll have to provide your personal details to the shop for their register. Time to drive down to England for the day, or perhaps go online to Ebay or countless other stores to make your purchases instead

Anyone selling swords under the exemptions would have to take "reasonable steps" to establish that the intended use was a legitimate one.

Commercial sellers will have to comply with strict new licensing conditions, including keeping records of all sales.

I wonder what those reasonable steps might include? Asking them to do a little jig, put on some blue face paint to prove that they are a reenactor? Maybe demonstrate some karate moves?

From what I can tell it won't be illegal to own a sword, just harder to buy some more. I wonder if they're goiong to ban pieces of metal that could perhaps be sharpened next? Pointy sticks too? After all, they could cause horrific wounds and contribute to the awful crime levels Scotland is experiencing. And we all know that regulating the sale of swords and the like is going to stop criminals from using blades in the course of breaking the law.

A fiendishly simple plan.
Just look at the British ban on handguns and how well that worked.

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